Wednesday, 17 September 2008

B&B, chambres d'hotes in Burgundy

You are looking for a B&B, Chambres d'hotes or gite business in Burgundy? Buying an established business is not the only way to proceed for such a venture, the greater percentage of people entering the B&B business in France do so by creating their own business within a residential property, farmhouse, etc, there are many properties available at the present time that could easily be converted over from residential only to residential plus income.
What is the type of property that suits being a B&B or Chambre d'hotes......
1.It must have more bedrooms than are neccessary for the persons who are living there permanently, any number up to 5 bedrooms can be allocated for B&B business in France.
New rules have been introduced this year regarding the running of B&B business, before this they were only guidelines, these guidelines have now become legal requirements. Check out an established business meets these requirements.
Setting up your own business within the property where you would also like to live in is very important, remember there are alot fewer B&B/chambres d'hotes to choose from than there are private properties for sale, so there is much greater choice and value in buying a property you can convert over for use as a B&B..
B&B's in France are used mainly as stopovers for 1 or 2 nights, alot of business is also created through the local community, I know for a fact that local weddings create alot of customers as family and friends stay locally, other family events also create such business.
Over the years B&B in France attracted passing trade, the internet and GPS has changed this, the internet has become a very important source of clients of B&B owners, many clients choose their destination by internet rather than taking pot luck, they also seem to prefer village or town location, that way it is easier for them to walk to a restaurant in the evening, that is if the B&B owner does not offer table d'hote/evening meal. Again I know for a fact this year 2008 clients for local B&B have been predominantly French and other, Brits have been seen less this year, it is very important to base the business around these facts. A good website well publicised is important. Very few B&B rely on return business, clients always like to try new places to stay if they revisit an area unless as stated previously accomodation is sought for a local event or function.
We at Simplyburgundy have much experience in advising people looking to purchase an existing B&B or a house to convert over to such a business, ( we have clients who are currently opearating their own B&B's in Burgundy) our site has many properties that would easily suit the B&B business. Do not hesitate to contact us for any advice relating to operating your own B&B.