Thursday, 13 November 2008

Burgundy Property Prices

As we see a worldwide economical melt down and a complete slowdown in spending, we are all suddenly sitting there thinking that we are all tied to the spot, how true is this?

Having been in France, Burgundy region, now for a good few years I can honestly tell you that our region still offers exceptional value for money. I will also remind you that, like the UK and property price adjustments that are taking place there, the European continent is going through the same motions.

UK may be having a hard time, especially what is portrayed each and every day by the media, but France has also been seeing property price drops to make what were once reasonably priced property now even more affordable. So, if you were thinking that the loss in the price of your house you wanted to sell in the UK to afford you a life abroad has completed shattered your dreams, you should think again. It is becoming more and more apparent that prices are coming down here in France too and it is widely known by those in the business that an offer of 30% below the asking price is not something that will necessarily be thrown out the window. We would infact suggest to our clients more often than not, that we should start off with an offer and take things from there. We try and be as genuine as possible and will always inform our clients if we feel there is any kind of negotiation available on any property we advertise.

So, just because you see headline news nearly everyday in the UK about 'House price Falls', do not let that deter you from pruchasing abroad for you will find that suprisingly or not, we are all pretty much in the same boat!

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