Thursday, 13 November 2008

Property for sale in Burgundy, France.

Finding a property for sale in Burgundy these days has become more and more easier, especially with the flooding rate that we are seeing new internet websites popping up hosting 1,000's of property taken from other sites. So as the choice widens, though realistically it is not choice it is repeated marketing, you find yourself looking at a whole host of agents/immobilieres/website portals all trying to sell to you that special product. And what does this all end up giving to the person searching through it all? It's confusion!

Trying to find a genuine website on the internet that promotes solely it's regional property ofwhich they are fully aware of in both information of the property itself and the region that it lies, is now becoming a task. We like to think that our region of France, Burgundy, is a place personnal to us and a topic that we can enlighten onto to others. A basic search on Google for 'house for sale in Burgundy' will bring up some 439,000 separate results and even though we are on the first page, for the browser searching property for sale in Burgundy, they could be forgiven if they were slightly confused as whom to choose to help them.

We could easily advice each client to research French Property magazine publications of present and past, such as 'The French Property News' and see if the website/company name has ever been advertised or been included in editorials (Both ofwhich we have been, past and present), or visit major websites dealing in information of France such as,, (All ofwhich we are included on), or simply look at the general build of the website and the content. For example, at we try and give each and every visitor to our website an impression of what the Burgundy region can offer them to include a varied selection of property, regional information, maps, videos of major towns and villages for you to watch and any client/browser can feel free to contact us at anytime by telephone or email and speak to somebody in our office within the Southern Burgundy and be guided through any questions or concerns, we speak both English and French. will, unlike many of the standard 'world property' websites out there, offer a full before/during/aftersales service to make sure that you find, complete and enjoy your new home in Burgundy.

So, do feel free to browse our website and at any point feel free to get in contact with us to discuss your needs and requirements.

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