Thursday 13 November 2008

Market Towns of the Brionnais

You've walked through the saturday morning market in your local town, you've picked up your freshly baked bread and treated yourself to some butter croissants, choosen some fresh cuts of local Charolais beef, a selection of vegatables and even been tempted with some regional goats cheese and you finally sit down at the little café on the corner. Sitting there having your coffee watching the hive of people walking round the market, enjoying the typical blue sky autumn morning of the Burgundy region, one of your local neighbours sees you and greets you with a handshake and decides to share a coffee with you and before you know it you are already late as you were meant to be back to start lunch, but you've also just been invited to pop past on your way home and enjoy an apperative...... You've no need to wake up from this dream for this is a typical market morning in our region of the Brionnais.

As we introduce each and every one of our clients to our region and they find their perfect home, it is now becoming apparent that they are becoming accustomed more and more quickly to what the region has to offer and within days they are meeting and enjoying their new neighbours and within a very short time we are pleased to see them totally independant of our needs and immersing themselves totally into the 'Burgundy way of Living'. For many of them, a weekly trip to the local market town is a must.

Burgundy has a wealth of market towns and villages, to name a few: Marcigny, La Clayette, Chauffailles and St Christophe en Brionnais. Closest to our office is the market town of Marcigny. Favoured by many, Marcigny has a market once a week on monday morning and offers a wide variety of local produce to include bread, meat, cheeses, fruit and vegetables. It also offers a small livestock section, freshly cooked cuisine and clothing. The market square is also surrounding by local shops, bars and cafés which makes Marcigny an ideal place to spend a whole morning. Marcigny also offers, on it's outskirts, two supermarkets, a DIY store, the famous Emile Henry ceramic cookware factory and store, a selection of other varied stores.
Chauffailles has a friday morning market and offers also banks, every type of shop imaginable, chemists, doctors, dentists and a post office.
La Clayette has a market day every tuesday with shop-lined little streets climbing up from the famous 12th century turretted Chateau and lake.
You can also visit the well known Dufoux chocolatier, chocolate shop (100% hand-crafted chocolate. Classed as a 3-star chocolate maker).
St Christophe en Brionnais has the
biggest Charolais cattle market in France every Thursday morning and really gives you a chance to experience a 'Real France' atmosphere. There are also a couple of well known restaurants that serve the local Charlolais beef.

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